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Nine steps to becoming a Google Reader Ninja

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  • Do this only when you a bit of good time to spare, don’t rush through it.
  • Mark all individual feeds that have more than 100 unread times as “all read.” You are likely to spend a lot of time working through this and getting very little real value out of it.
  • Reduce top level clutter: Keep as few folders on your top level as you can. My total boils down to nine, ordered in terms of reading frequency (daily, india-blogs, links, misc, music, news, private, technology, testing).
  • If you need to organize your feeds in a more granular manner, use sub-folders. Do this only if you are an organisation freak. What has worked best for me is the following method.


|-Top Level Category (By frequency first and by usage type later)

|-Sub Category (By theme/topic: Technology, Business, Blogs)

  • Always read using the “River of News” view (Folder Level view) on Top Level folders
  • Find your comfort level in terms of number of items you can read in a fixed period of time and switch to List View if the items are above a fixed number (I keep it at 100).
  • Star lengthy items that need more reading time, catch up on them later.
  • Frequently prune your subscription lists: Check your reading trends regularly. Unsubscribe from feeds that are below a certain read percentage in subscription trends. Follow that up with with the same treatment done on the reading trends.
  • My average reading percentage is 30% for my Top 40. If you have the same numbers, it is a good idea then to let go of the feeds that have less 30% reading percentage. Chances are you won’t miss them because you don’t read them much anyway.

Happy Reading!


Written by shyam

January 21, 2008 at 3:25 pm

3 Responses

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  1. What always unnerves me about GR despite being a bit of an information junkie is the sheer number of posts. When I’m logged into Google Reader I usually hit the refresh key every once in a while and no matter how much I’ve just read, I invariably find that there are at least thirty new posts there just waiting for me to go through. And regularly unsubscribing from posts doesn’t seem to help… am idiotic enough to find new blogs & sites which I like at a rate much higher than that with which I unsubscribe to feeds.


    January 21, 2008 at 8:01 pm

  2. […] Organizing information well might be a quick-and-easy solution to the information overload on the blogsphere. Shyam has a nine-step program to becoming a Google Reader Ninja. […]

  3. Well, personally, I like the List View. It tells me if I missed reading something – often times, in the expanded/folder view I scroll past something I want to read for later and it marks it read.

    Secondly, with friends’ shared RSS in your reader, you can never get it to stop throwing up new feeds/stories to read.


    February 1, 2008 at 10:56 am

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