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Wrecking a product launch online 101: The Mahindra Scorpio Mhawk edition

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Mahindra had recently launched an upgraded version of the Scorpio range called Mhawk and it is a perfect illustration of how not to handle a product launch online:

The vast majority of the content has been authored in Flash for the website. While Google does index content authored in Flash, it does not do an excellent job of it. There should always be a non-Flash version of your website if you have to get indexed effectively. And guess what? There are no search results right now on the first page that leads to the product page.

The pages are hosted on and rendered within an IFRAME on the domain. This deprives the company of even more Google mojo. Incidentally, the domain is owned by the company’s creative agency FCB-Ulka and they could have at least warned the company against doing something as silly as that.

And in a horrible snafu, details on pricing for the Mhwak model is buried deep in a pop up that has the FAQs and the existing pricing pages for the regular Scorpio is what that shows up in the main interface under the pricing link. Most people who would land up on the website obviously would be looking for the pricing. It is a pity that you have to dig so deep into the website to find it.


Written by shyam

December 21, 2007 at 9:56 pm