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Farewell ye (aka monstrosity) iTunes

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For all the elegance that Apple and the Mac franchise brings with it, iTunes, which is the default music player that comes with it is a serious blight on the entire set up. I’ve found it particularly infuriating since I am so used to Foobar in my previous incarnation on Windows that I can’t imagine a player that is represented by iTunes.

But, fear not. Hope is here, in fact two iterations of it.  First one is called Cog, which has the minimalistic pedigree of Foobar and is under constant development. The other one is named pretty obviously as Play. Both are fine players and I am taking my own time figuring out which one is better. Though, sadly, either player (Cog has alpha level support in the nightly builds and it is buggy for now) seems to lack CUE file support in the little that I’ve poked around with it.

On the even brighter side, I am getting spanking good sound quality from either player compared to silly iTunes. And on that very musical note iTunes gets the boot from my dock.


Written by shyam

December 15, 2007 at 7:45 pm

Posted in Apple, Leopard, Music, OSX

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