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Pirates of the Caribbean 3: Will this ever end?

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depp.pngPirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is basically the team behind the franchise on dope or something like it. They could comfortably have taken off an hour and a half of the running time from it and still not missed much in terms of completion and narration. The first hour and half is so awfully disjointed, confused and desperately looking for direction that most of us were left wondering where exactly were we going with this? They could have done this much much better and from what I have heard about Spiderman 3, it looks like this is going to be a summer of discontent for the ‘part’ movies.

When they took Jack’s life in the previous installment, the story writers also took the character’s soul with it. Sparrow in this episode is hollow and in a manner of speaking very Jim Carrey-esque while doing time in Davy Jones’s locker. It almost felt like they wanted to make up for the time they could not put him on screen during the first hour by splattering the screen with multiple Jacks when they finally could get him on it. Come on, the character’s charm is his singularity and uniqueness. And by showing three different sides of him in the same frame, they all but destroy it. Depp, as usual, does his bit very well and the movie has its regulation number of classic Sparrow quotes and moments, but those alone can’t carry a 2.5 hour mess all through to the end.

There are good performances splattered all over the place, notably from Geoffrey Rush, as usual, but in the end there is not much else to remember a movie that starts with people being hanged by the half-dozen and ends with some pseudo head given by Will to Elizabeth. And oh, the Keith Richards cameo was funny too, but why on earth did Chow Yun-Fat agree do to this to himself? If you are giving this one a miss, I can tell you that you are not missing much.

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Written by shyam

June 1, 2007 at 8:09 pm

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