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Uplifting Night @ Smoke House Grill: May 23

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Smoke House Grill is not the ideal place to do gigs, so it came as a surprise to me when I heard that Ma Fazia and Woody were playing there on the 23rd. Since I could not find any of the usual suspects to tag along, I went for the gig, post couple of rounds of beer at the seriously icky Press Club and as expected found a mostly unappreciative crowd not giving too much of a damn about what was being played.

See, the problem with SHG is that it is not your average clubbing joint. It is more of a place where the rich lads, uncles and similar beings drop by to get that Manhattan feel in sadda Dilli. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with the joint (if the price point does not impale you first). SHG is by far one of the better done up restaurants in Delhi, backed up by pretty decent service and food, but it just ain’t the place for gigs.

The music, though, was mind blowing. Ma spun (contrary to my perception of her playing only mostly psy) some ambient and plenty of house (nuffink outright commercial though) and flashes of electro. At the same time Woody dazzled with his saxophone and the flute, bringing in songs with the flute and doing either side of the breakdown with his sax, embellished by a faint smattering of reverb that made it dreamy and prominent at the same time. For the faithful, this was one not to have missed and sadly most did miss it.

Last time I was the SHG, the resident DJ was playing mostly lounge and chill out tracks, but this time around, after Ma and Woody packed up, he played some spanking hard house tracks and once again, no full blown commercial on the decks! Admittedly, I’ve not been clubbing for a while now, but what is it with the gigs now playing stuff what you would have expected a Peter Rauhofer to play? But I have no complaints, keep the good stuff flowing!

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Written by shyam

May 25, 2007 at 2:50 pm

Posted in Delhi, India, Nightlife

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