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I’ve finally made the switch to Google Reader from Greatnews. Not that I have anything against Greatnews (I love being able to carry the feeds with me even when I am not connected), but I wanted to take another loop out of publishing what I liked reading in a day through or any other social bookmarking tool and do it from the same interface leading to this.

Somewhere along the way in my journey through consuming a whole lot of RSS and Atom feeds, the Greatnews SQLite database grew to be 80 MB, which is a huge size, if you ask me. Keeping Google Reader open, with the new and yummy skin, does not kick up the RAM usage by a whole lot more than what it is already consuming (around 200 MB). And over the long term, I’d ideally like to migrate all my applications into the browser.

Yes, there is an issue with offline storage and sync, but I expect that issue to be sorted out in the next couple of years or five at the most. I might switch back some day, but it is working well for now and I really like the ‘n’ ‘p’ ‘shift+s’ and ‘t’ shortcuts.

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Written by shyam

April 19, 2007 at 8:41 am

Posted in Google, Technology

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