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Indiatimes launches web-based CRM solution

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It is weird to see PHP being run on IIS servers these days and it immediately gets my ears up regarding what’s going on. It is now the turn of Indiatimes to do the same, running PHP on IIS to support their new hosted CRM initiative, called Indiatimes SalesCRM. To be fair to them, they’ve credited the open source software that they have used to power it, Vtiger, in the ‘about’ page and that’s a refreshing change. I hope more companies do the same thing.

At a discounted rate of Rs 100 per month per user, it is considerably cheaper than the support that Vtiger is offering on its website. I am assuming that Indiatimes is getting into the reselling business than the development business, as it has done with its Meramail initiative, which sits on top of its outsourced email vendor framework. I am not sure about the positioning and pricing of the deal, it is way too cheap to be sustained in the long run. But as it is with Indiatimes, it is always quite difficult to know what they are getting at.

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Written by shyam

March 15, 2007 at 8:50 am

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