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New My Yahoo, aka the new big Yawn!

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It is a cosmetic change alright, but it is a big non-event. A framework that suggests content based on your reading habits? That’s such an old idea and really, in a product where I am choosing what I want to see for most parts, even that’s not a killer feature. Now, it would have been a totally different thing if it would suggest content, within my subscriptions, that it thought I should read. That would have been neat, but even that’s not there. And it is slow, slow, slow.

What is it with Yahoo! and slow stuff these days. They’ve made Yahoo! Photos practically unusable. AJAX is nice, but is not nice when it makes your application veer so far away from the way it used to function and the way it is expected to function. For a change, I agree with what Steve Rubel has to say, not that they’ve abandoned the geeks (note to Steve: did you miss the multiple geek orgasms that erupted with the launch of Yahoo! Pipes?), but that they missed a huge opportunity with the product.

To conclude, I found the best summary from a commenter at Techcruch: “YAHOO IS THE NEW AOL”. And they are certainly working hard at it.

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Written by shyam

March 9, 2007 at 11:45 am

Posted in /etc, Technology

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