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Second impressions of Bangalore, hotel angst etc

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Drivers are rash, reckless and crazy here. I used to think that Delhi took the first spot when it came to being behind the wheel with an absolute intent to kill, but even during the drive from the airport to MG Road I saw at least five near-accidents that really should not have happened. I am coming to the city after a long time, about five years now, and it struck me how similar a lot of Kerala now looks to this.

Saw the AOL India office along the way — quite jazzy, Intel’s got a whole building — nice and big and the city seems to be a lot more organised now, compared to my last visit. The airport was pretty decent too, though not a spot on the new terminals at Bombay, and heaven compared to the DTC bus stops that both the international and domestic terminals have become at Delhi. I will get a better idea of the place tomorrow, when I’d have to move around a bit. Hit me up if you fancy a beer or something in the evening.

I think mid-range hotels suck across India and as a friend had suggested, it is a more decent idea to shell out two or three grand more and try the Marriott or something. Most of these are so wannabe and charge rates as if they are the Hilton or something. And worst still, most don’t even have WiFi and the ones that have WiFi, like the one I am at now, charge insane amounts of money for the connection which is flaky most times. The only decent one that I can recall was one called Shubhangan, located at Khar-Danda of all places in Bombay. It was nice, modern and had WiFi too and the smell of salted fish being dried did not come into the hotel, which was thanks mostly to the location.

Coming back to airports and airlines, the in-flight entertainment offering by Jet Airways is such a pitiable effort. Kingfisher’s done a much better job of it and Jet was much better off not having given it a shot at all. I was quite impressed by the size of the Bangalore airport, especially when I saw a Boeing 747 parked out there. I did not know the runway could handle wide-bodied aircrafts here.


Written by shyam

March 4, 2007 at 7:28 pm

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  1. why would you say that the JET IFE is not as good as Kingfisher. Have flown on their aircrafts with IFE and feel it is just as good. Infact far better because of the audio and video on demand system that they operate on.


    March 5, 2007 at 8:08 am

  2. Kaushal,

    Maybe I should have clarified about the quality and not the technology. I much prefer the radio station concept than the handful of clips that’s on offer. The video sucks on both.


    March 5, 2007 at 11:16 am

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