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(Dis)charge of the MBA brigade

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This article, Three out of four MBAs are unemployable, says study, in DNA is a lovely example of how to write a scatterbrained story and still have your editors clear it for publication, typos included. The story starts with a quote from a MBA graduate, who having passed out in 2005, ended up working in a BPO because he could not find a job anywhere else. It goes on to mention a legion of jobless MBAs, the existence of which goes contrary to every number mentioned in the article. I can only assume that the writer does not know the difference between unemployable and unemployed.

But the article does make a larger point, that every Tom, Dick and Harry these days (or should it be every Tarun, Dinesh and Harpreet?) is doing an MBA these days. I can’t count the number of times numerous well-wishers, including friends and family, have asked me to do the same. And there is already a fair number of people that I know who are doing a MBA (or planning to do soon) as a way out breaking through the glass ceiling into the echelons of senior management.

That makes me really wonder, who is really an ideal candidate for doing a MBA? I don’t agree too much with the ‘do-it-to-get-ahead’ crowd because I’ve always hated shortcuts in life and you need to have a better reason than pelting stones at celings made of glass to do it. I don’t like 90% of the MBAs out there (the unemployable ones, that is), because they don’t understand business, operations and most importantly, common sense and think life is all about making amazing Powerpoint presentations.

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Written by shyam

February 26, 2007 at 5:51 am

Posted in India

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