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Bittorrent gets in bed with Hollywood, cluelessness ensues

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Am I the only person who finds the idea of Hollywood studios using bittorrent to distribute their movies being ridiculous beyond any imaginable degree? While going through the latest offering from Bittorrent Inc., of some 3000 odd movie titles, I saw the pricing details that range from $1.99 to $3.99, depending on what you download. Where it gets even better is with the DRM, since they only allow you to ‘rent’ the movies you have downloaded, where they explode expire 30 days into the download, or 24 hours after the first viewing.

One of my greatest doubts about what is being attempted is that it has hidden costs. The $3.99 price is the cost to unlock the movie, it will cost you more in terms of bandwidth to download and distribute the movies. In sharing the files, if anyone has a share ratio of more than 1, it is then costing that user more than what it cost to download him/her to seed the same file. And if there are seedless files, then you lose out on user experience. If Bittorrent Inc runs computers just to seed the files, then it ends up being not very different from any regular online distribution form.

In short, it is a situation where nobody, other than the entertainment industry, wins.

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Written by shyam

February 25, 2007 at 10:31 am

Posted in /etc, Music

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