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Two weird weekend developments

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Sometime ago, I used to be subject to pretty scornful looks when I used to tell people that Justin Timberlake, unlike his ex-flame Britney, is a prodigal talent. And today we have the NYT running a story crowning him as the new king of pop. To be very honest, I had no idea about how good he was during his boyband days. I don’t even remember which boyband he used to be a part of before he started out on his own, but seeing him perform live at some award ceremony on television, with some hip-hop group blew me away. I think it is a bit too early to hail him as the new king, but the guy has got oodles of talent, which is a refreshing change from what mainstream music has come to represent these days.

The other interesting development, which I had no clue about, is that Ministry of Sound has set up shop in India and that too in Delhi of all places. They’ve promised to bring in their star line up, including Pete Tong, to Delhi, which I could not have even dreamed about. Granted, that we have a pretty decent club in Elevate at the NCR, but the crowd there is not exactly the best anymore and it is a pain to trek over to Noida or hop over after work and then drive all the way back. Besides, we badly needed a new club in Delhi, that’s not some old club redone, with a new attitude. Will have to drop by one of these days and check it out.

But seriously, if someone were to have told me that we’d have a MoS club in Vasant Kunj, I’d have laughed my heart out. Then again, let us hope it is not one of those concepts that get ruined beyond recognition once they come to our shores.


Written by shyam

February 10, 2007 at 1:27 pm

Posted in Music, Nightlife

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