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Back in Nokia world

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Yesterday, I retired the Motorazr V3i after having it for a year. It was a well-built phone and other than its ability to completely freeze up at times, it had survived numerous instances of being dropped everywhere and anywhere and had served me well. But all of that had to take its toll and it was giving me considerable grief with its single socket that was used for everything from recharging the battery to data transfer. So, yesterday, I ponied up Rs 10800 and got myself a black Nokia E50.

I am still getting used being back on the Nokia platform and I’ve always quite liked the phone. The keypad is a bit too tiny for my liking (for the liking of my fat fingers too, for that matter), but I absolutely adore the full-blown HTML browser, the big bright screen and EDGE support. I shall be posting a better review of the phone later. For now, I am having fun having podcasts download while I am asleep and then listening to them later when I drive to work and back (idea courtesy of the Mixxedbag Nikhil).

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Written by shyam

February 10, 2007 at 11:09 am

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