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Feedburner and RSS aggregators

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Feedburner is one of the best tools that any blogger or publications could befriend for analytics or feed management. But one downside of using the service is that it is a pain when you have to link to a story when you read it in a RSS reader. For instance, the latest post on Fred Wilson’s blog (don’t tell me you don’t read him!) will have the link on all self-respecting aggregators, while the actual article link looks something like this I could, quite easily, link to the Feedburner URL, but that would poison Fred’s clickthrough numbers in Feedburner, especially if you do it from a website with pretty good traffic (which, thankfully, mine is not). Moreover, it is a pain to open the link in a browser just to fish out the actual URL. I guess they could add another link to the actual URL in their ‘flares’ link (Email thisDigg This!) that they have and make life easier for us and get one step closer to perfection.

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Written by shyam

January 30, 2007 at 2:44 pm

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