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AMD speaks up, says Intel’s not bothering them

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The title almost makes it look as if Intel has been groping at AMD, but that’s not too distant from the truth. In the latest iteration of the CPU wars, Intel has scored a hefty blow against AMD with faster and energy-efficient processors and the recent deal with Sun to worm its way into the Opteron-only x86 bastion AMD used hold with Sun. I have not been tracking the industry for a couple of years now, but having met a couple of guys who design and produce similar penny-sized marvels over the weekend the interest is somewhat back and I’ve also been baffled by AMD’s relative silence on the matter.

The silence was all the more troubling because AMD’s reported lower Q4 operating incomes, even after excluding the ATI acquisition, while the company is largely believed to have a better long-term edge over Intel in terms of architecture and Steve Polzin’s statement, “Pushing technology for technology’s sake is not what we do,” makes perfect sense. Intel is looking to garner all the attention it can get before it hits the limitations of its architecture in the next two to three years. It should be fun to wait and watch if they stay on message with the “four is the max number of cores you’d ever need on a chip” theme at that time.

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Written by shyam

January 30, 2007 at 3:10 pm

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