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Excuses, excuses

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I have obviously not kept my promise. Between trying to deal with a pending IPO, a new car that has had more incidents in the two weeks I’ve had it than what I’ve had in two years with the old car and some 36 GB of data and miscellaneous settings to transfer to the new laptop, blogging is just not something that I could find a lot of time for.

First, the GBN IPO. Nope, I am not getting any allocated by the company since we were chopped off into Web 18 two months ago, so it is the open market for me. Everyone expects it to do well, but will it do well? God alone knows and I think I will plonk a bit of cash into it. I am not good with money or gambling, so it should be fun.

The car, a black Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI, is a lovely thing to drive. It has surprised me on all counts – suspension, power, fuel efficiency, ride quality, climate control – and other than for two incidents that were directly connected to my stupidity (and a third one where I was hit by a two wheeler from behind, not nice at all), it’s been smooth sailing. I’d never considered this car as a long-term buy, but it is growing on me.

The laptop, Toshiba Qosmio F20, was not really the laptop I was looking for to replace the aging HP. For reasons that are known only to the systems guys, I was given a multimedia laptop when I asked for workhorse business/developer laptop. On the plus side the display is amazing. In fact, it is amazing enough to start hurting your eyes after a while, forcing me to hit the brightness reduce button quite often.

On the negative side it is very heavy, weighing in at over 3.5 kilograms, is not easy to hold from any angle and has a weird keyboard layout that has kept the Windows key up on the top row alongside the number keys and the pause button. Someone please hit the guy who did the layout on the upside with a nice big trout for doing it as I used to depend a lot on the  Winkey+R, Winkey+L, Winkey+E and Winkey+D shortcuts a lot.


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January 17, 2007 at 11:45 am

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