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Note to ICICI-Lombard

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Please stop the stupid habit of asking your sales executives to get the customers to spew out their credit card information as a means of verification and your having my credit card number in the first place will still not get the same from me, because it is pain and simple STUPID.

Why so? Because, once this is public, any idiot can call up claiming to be an executive from ICICI Lombard and demand my credit card number. As a customer, I don’t have anything else to go by, other than the phone number you are calling from and even if I can work around that, there is no way on earth that I will give away my credit card number on the phone.

And lastly, it is not the best thing for your executives to tell that it is cool to give away your credit card number to anyone over the phone, just because I also happen to use the same card for online shopping or shopping in a store. In this age and time, I can’t imagine anyone doing something like this. Apparently, it does.


Written by shyam

January 3, 2007 at 2:33 pm

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