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After a very long time I felt the urge to code again today and decided to port our internal podcast manager I had written a long time ago using one of those fancy MVC frameworks.

The good news is that after half a day’s wrangling, I have the default list view sitting in front of me written in propah MVC fashion, without my having to switch the DB from SQLite to anything else. Which, incidentally was the reason why I’d stuck with CodeIgniter, the rest did not play nice either with Postgresql or SQLite. The bad news is that I still write awful code, something on the lines of this:

$result = sqlite_query($handle, $num_query) or die("Error in query: ".sqlite_error_string(sqlite_last_error($handle)));
$row = sqlite_num_rows($result);
$crow = $row / 10; for ($brow = 1; $brow <= $crow; $brow++) { $off = $brow * 10;

Then again, I don’t write code for a living, which is not exactly a good excuse for writing bad code, but I think the languages I need to get in shape in 2007 now read like PHP, Python and French.

Incidentally, most of these frameworks have pretty icky documentation and the highlight of the day was when I had accidentally pasted a bit of my view code into the model and it still showed up on the page!

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Written by shyam

December 15, 2006 at 2:14 pm

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