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Major Google Rea-duh-er!

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Everyone and their dog is going ga-ga over the freshly released Google Reader. It is a major upgrade from the previous version in terms of usability and niftiness, but it looks like everyone missed out on a serious flaw – that there is no way to expand or collapse all items within a folder. If you are one of those unlucky souls like me who organise things into a zillion folders, the default view would keep all of them expanded, leaving you with a fair bit of time spent just collapsing them.

Another quibble I have is with the behaviour of the tags they have per items. All read items within a tag is not shown by default when I click on the tag because it shows only unread items. There is a fairly good chance that most items you tag would have been read by you, at least on the reader interface and setting the default to ‘show only read’ items kind of defeats the purpose.

Otherwise, it is a pretty nice release and I quite like the way the shared clippings show up, much cleaner than how Bloglines does it. That said, I am sticking to GreatNews, since I use my laptop more than any online reader to get my RSS fix.

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Written by shyam

September 29, 2006 at 7:47 am

Posted in /etc, Google, Technology

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