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Can I call home? Asks Microsoft Project 2007

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I am trying out the betas of the new Office 2007 products. I had tried out the Office 2007 earlier and uninstalled it because it was too buggy, apparently the Beta 2 is much better and I’ll install it probably tomorrow.

But what I did install was Microsoft Project 2007. While I have not tested it intensively, these are a couple of my observations.

  • On its first run the software actually asks me about what all it can do with user data and how much it is allowed to send back to Redmond. The language is a bit too vague, in the sense that it does not make it too clear what exactly is happening, but on the positive side it is very Average Joe proof.
  • I could not see the much-famed ‘ribbon’ anywhere.
  • In yet another positive hygiene note, it connects over SSL for product activation.
  • The left panel wizards are positively lousy in terms of language, spit and polish, placement of elements and the workflow.

More as I find out later.

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Written by shyam

June 20, 2006 at 3:31 pm

Posted in Microsoft

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