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Om Malik thinks “Its Time To Transition” and he is not wrong. It is a wonderful time for ideas, talent and data to flow and mix freely. I have been wondering for how long if I should strike out on my own or do something different, away from the large media set ups, the Excel sheets and the corporate jungle.

It is quite tempting, but the market in India is not quite prime yet. We are still a couple of years behind the curve compared to the West and somehow the relative scale of building something big online, within a major operation is still attractive than doing something smaller with twice the amount of struggle and no guarantee of success in something smaller, all by yourself.

Talking of freely flowing data, Matt and the WordPress lads have done something really sweet, they now allow you to take in/out all your data out of as XML feeds. If they would now allow me to do custom themes and some sort of an advertising program, I think I’d switch over completely from Blogger.

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Written by shyam

June 13, 2006 at 9:47 am

Posted in /etc, Blogs, Technology

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