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Scoble quits his way into the MSM

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It must really be International Scoble day, everywhere I look and read I see a post/story/link/comment on his quitting Microsoft and joining I just saw a copy hit our Reuters feed (“UPDATE 1-Famed Microsoft blogger leaves for start-up”), so I guess he will be all over the mainstream news sources by tomorrow.

The story’s been quite interesting in itself. When the news first seeped out, it was first reported that Scoble was leaving the company on not too good terms, which was quickly set right by the Scobleizer himself in a post elaborating on how things were still quite cool between him and the Redmond-based company.

I think too much has been made about the move. Scoble, of course, has been great for the company, helping it change its image from a monster to a bit more likeable firm, but his leaving won’t mean the end of the firm or the end of blogging there. That said, for Podtech and Scoble, the move is mutually beneficial.

I think most people could have simply congragulated him, wished him the best and left it at that, which is where I’d leave it.

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Written by shyam

June 12, 2006 at 11:36 am

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