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Haaalp! Vista brings down the interweb!

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“We are pumping out bits as fast as we can. If we pushed out bits any faster there would be a measurable impact for the Internet. So, we are literally saying that if we increased our bandwidth any further there’s a possibility of taking down the Internet” – says Microsoft Exec Aaron Coldiron in Chris Pirillo’s root folder

I think that is a lot of bull. I can imagine it sucking out all of Microsoft and Akamai’s bandwidth, but that taking down the whole of the internet? Fat chance. Bittorrent traffic contribute to a whole lot of bandwidth consumption these days and even then nobody has ‘taken down’ the internet because of it.

I can imagine it slowing down things for people like Yahoo! a bit because of the Akamai angle, but please, the whole point in Akamai’s deployment is to stave off situations like that.

I did try to download the 3GB DVD ISO and managed some 300 MB in close to five hours and promptly killed the wget process running on our gentle local server here. But it did not kill the internet here for sure.

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Written by shyam

June 10, 2006 at 7:17 am

Posted in Microsoft, Technology

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