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“The thing is, I’m very unlikely to give even a big company my corporate data, but far far far less likely to give a small company that stuff. Why? What happens if they go out of business? That shows the market forces that’ll bring most Web 2.0 apps into one of the big three companies,” says Scoble in a post on Google’s online spreadsheet application.

That just made me wonder if he was aware of something called Microsoft Office Live Collaboration? If features like Customer Workspace and Human Resources Workspace are not corporate data, I don’t know then what could qualify as that. Of course, I can guess the predictable reaction, “Well there are smaller guys out there who could use this”. Which, I guess, is what Google is aiming for, though, from what it looks like it can only be a potshot at the established players.

Even stranger is Don Dodge’s contention:

“So, while the headlines may scream Google Spreadsheets is competing with Microsoft Office, the more accurate statement is that Google is competing with OpenOffice.”

Even if you ignore the condescending attitude towards OpenOffice, I can’t understand where can Google compete with OpenOffice, since real users of the software would roughly fit the profile of users who use Microsoft Office too.

This is more like plugging your ears and screaming “nyaah nyaah nyaah… they can’t do much”. Which is precisely what had happened a couple of years ago with search and webmail. We all thought the West was on both counts and the last word was spoken about it, only for someone turn it all upside down and create a billion dollar empire out of it.

Moral of the story is, don’t assume what your users will or won’t like by saying a product or a feature is too lo-fi of hi-fi for them. If I were a Microsoftian, I’d grab a beta by hook or crook and do all the features the Google offering has in a much better way and then scream “hey, we do it better”.

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Written by shyam

June 7, 2006 at 7:44 am

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