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Probably the best and the worst thing about working on the internet is that you can’t ever be ‘really sure’ whether what you are doing is going to work or not. Couple of years ago Flash was considered more or less a dead bet for everything on the internet. Now it does everything from entire websites to streaming.

Same is the case with DHTML/Javascript. Almost everyone, including myself, had written it off after it ended up leaving ugly mouse trails on our screens and banished it to the uglier plumbing confines of form validation and drop down menus. Only for Microsoft to mash it up together with XML ending up in the ‘everywhere-these-days’ AJAX magic.

It would be anybody’s guess as to which technology will suddenly shape up and make itself more useful on the internet, after being written off for all practical purposes. I guess Java could be one ideal candidate, with the nifty and underused Webstart concept. It could even be the Mozilla platform and XUL.

Can you imagine a situation where Gmail’s or Windows Live Mail’s javascript engine can be released as an extension, saving us from downloading the 300 – 500 kilobyte javascript payloads every time we load the fancy new email serivces? Why has not anyone anyone written such a Gmail client extension yet?

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Written by shyam

June 1, 2006 at 12:53 pm

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