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GigaOM : » BitTorrent Snags Warner Brothers: The service will launch later this summer and will include newer releases such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Now, this is not an exclusive deal, and the burden of distribution and sales falls on BitTorrent.

Okay, run this one by me again. These guys want to charge the same amount of money they charge you for a DVD and at the same time want you to bear the costs of helping WB distribute the movies. It is so ridiculous that it is not even funny. Bundle in the bandwidth costs of seeding the torrent/uploading to maintain your ratios and you end up contributing to making WB even more richer.

Why Bittorrent works now is because of two reasons. 1) There is practically no DRM on the entertainment (mostly pirated) content out there. Users only pay for the bandwith they burn, even with an unmetered line and they can use the stuff they pull down from there to their heart’s content. 2) The community that grows around torrent trackers, suggesting more of the content that YOU would like to view/listen/use, making it a hyper trust/peer suggestion-driven mechanism.

I don’t  honestly see where WB/Bittorrent Inc can get both in place with the new deal.


Written by shyam

May 9, 2006 at 12:48 pm

Posted in /etc, Media

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