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Don Dodge: Google supports choice…except on FireFox and Opera
“This isn’t the typical David and Goliath story. Google has about $10B in cash, over 7,000 employees, and has about 50% market share for search, so they have the resources to spin the story anyway they want.” 

The gloves are surely off on this one. Google recently complained to the EU and US Justice Department about MSN Search being the default provider for the search box in the new Windows Internet Explorer (known otherwise as IE7).

To make a minor point that Don seems to have missed, in Firefox I can switch to Yahoo! Search without having to add another provider. In Opera I can switch to Opera Search (do not know what powers that), while I get only MSN search in IE7, though to Microsoft’s credit, adding a new provider and choosing it as the default provider works best and easiest in IE7 of all three browsers.

Of course, all the complaining is quite rich coming from Google, but they have their own turf to  protect, just like Microsoft did quite a few ‘interesting’ things to get Internet Explorer to the top of the list. But there is a subtle difference here, Google is paying the Mozilla Foundation (and Opera too) for the placement. Did Microsoft try splashing some money here to do the same? That would be interesting to know.

And it would have been even more fun if they tried doing that and ended up pulling it off too. What would Google have said then? In any case, it is funny to see both parties screaming “anti-competitive” in this battle till they go blue in the face.

But such are the weird ways of a competitive market.

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Written by shyam

May 1, 2006 at 3:38 pm

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